Capital Issues - You don't have enough funds to purchase the property.


Credit Issues - Your lender won't finance you or the property.


Excessive Marketplace Inventory - The marketplace is flooded with too many wholesale properties, making it difficult to sell an otherwise good deal.


Excessive Wholesaler Inventory - There are too many wholesale properties in your funnel to acquire and sell them effectively.


Network Issues - Your network of investors is too small or the deal is not good enough for your inner circle.


Experience Issues - Your network of investors is too small or you're not sure how to structure a deal.


Regulatory Issues - Your deal is located in a city which requires code compliance repairs before title to a property can be transferred.


Time Constraints - You're a wholesaler with a large, complex real estate business (such as a franchise) and you want to outsource your resale process to improve the efficiency of your business.


Preference for a Private Sale - You prefer a private (off-MLS) sale for a variety of reasons.


If you're a wholesaler facing any of the following challenges, then we may be able to help you: