"Alex and I have done many profitable deals over the years, he definitely knows his stuff. I work with hundreds of investors, most who only talk a good game, but Alex is actually on the front lines getting deals done."

Ross H., Homevestors Franchisee

"Alex is a great resource for selling wholesale properties for top dollar. In fact, I don't think I would have been able to sell some of my deals without him. I really like the fact that he can take deals that are under contract, line up a qualified investor, structure everything so I don't have to close on it, and I simply collect my check at closing! He definitely has a great system down that saves me a lot of time and allows me to focus on what I do best - acquire deals."

-Troy T., Homevestors Franchisee

"As an active investor and president of a local real estate club, I get to talk to a lot of people in the industry. I can say with great confidence that there is no one putting deals together the way Alex is right now. He is straight forward, to the point, and does what he says he is going to do."

-Dan M., Real Estate Investor

"Alex is a vital strategic partner for my wholesaling business. He has a great system in place for selling wholesale properties for top dollar. But in addition to that, he also provides invaluable expertise that helps me acquire more deals than I would on my own. He literally walks me through the entire process, from lead intake to closing, and ensures the deal is handled effectively. Although we have closed many profitable deals together, the educational currency I have acquired from the relationship is priceless."

-Bryan K., Real Estate Investor

"Alex's ability to put together profitable real estate deals has always amazed me.  He is very knowledgeable about how to structure deals and make a profit."

-Sunil B., Real Estate Investor

"Alex's years of experience come through with great advice on the many details involved in wholesaling.  I completed my first deal and have a strong foundation from which to proceed to more deals in the future."

-Peter V., Real Estate Investor