1. Send us the contact info for any real estate investors you know who may have wholesale properties to sell.

Make sure to include their full name, mobile number, and email address.  If we already know the wholesaler, we'll let you know (you can always check with them to back that up).  Wholesalers we already know don't count toward referral dollars.  However, if we don't know them, then we'll proceed to the next step.



2. We'll contact your referral.

When we contact them, we'll mention that you initiated the referral.  We'll explain what we do and how we can help them.




3. If we close a deal with your referral, we'll pay you a 25% referral fee on the first 3 transactions we do with them!*

*You must be a licensed salesperson or broker to earn a referral fee.  If you're a salesperson, payments must be made to your broker.

Submit Your Referrals:



Refer & Earn